Craft-Passion-Meets-Chocolate Easter Egg

CPMC Easter Egg Blog Cover

I happened to see a tutorial for these sakura Easter eggs from Craft Passion the other day and I thought how pretty they were. But I’m less of a glue gun girl and more of a chocolate girl, so I started thinking how great it would be if they were edible, too.

Sakura Easter Egg

I used a regular egg-shaped mould to make the white chocolate egg (I used about 150 g of chocolate, I think, although I can’t be sure because I kept eating it!) Then I melted a couple of squares of dark chocolate and piped on the branches. By moving the bag back and forth as I was piping, I got a nice ‘tree trunk’ texture. Then I added some edible bronze paint, just because it’s pretty.

Sakura Easter Egg Collage

I used a little spring cutter I have to make pale pink sugar paste flowers, and gave them a slightly darker pink centre. I let them dry with the petals slightly curled upwards, then I stuck them on with a little water.

Sakura Easter Egg Close

Then all I had to do was keep my kids away long enough to take a photo!


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