Bug Birthday Party

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Hey there! I hope you all had a lovely Easter break. Mine was full of food and children and family outings – perfect! It was also my middle daughter’s third birthday, and all she wanted was a party with a ladybird cake. (And a doll with a high chair which I realised, too late, makes noises. These include crying – just what I want to hear when I have a real four-month-old baby in the house – and a creepy manic laugh. But that’s neither here nor there.) So, as usual, I took the ladybird cake request and ran with it – I love a good theme, I do!

I started with DIY bug headbands. So much cuter than those pointy party hats!

Bug Headband Supplies

I used the wooden skewer to make a hole in each pom pom, then pushed a pipe cleaner into the hole. Then I stapled the ‘antennae’ onto a strip of card and covered the staples on the inside with tape, and with little stickers on the front.  I measured each headband on the kids as they arrived, then stapled the ends together, so they all fitted perfectly.

Bug Headband

Next, I made a birthday banner.

Birthday Banner Supplies

Well, actually, I cut out the shapes and letters and let my kids do the rest!

Bug Party Banner

Then it was time for the party bags. I usually make pretty cool party bags, but this year I slacked off and just filled them with sweets and chocolate. I bet the other parents loved that – sorry guys!

Party bags

The kids ranged in age from one to seven, but most of them were two or three years old, so I didn’t bother with party games. I just let them play, and also planned a ‘create-a-ladybird’ activity, which was supervised by my eldest. We got some varied results, but all were works of art, of course!

Kids Ladybirds.jpg

If you want a copy of the simple template you can download the Create-a-Ladybird template here.

Then all that remained was the food. I made ordinary party food – cheese pies, sausage rolls, salad, crisps, fruit, sandwiches … you can make anything butterfly-shaped, and anyway kids have good imaginations!

Bug Party Food

And finally, the ladybird cake itself. Served with vanilla ice cream because – yum.

Ladybird Cake

Make it!

(These are the quantities for a  20 cm half-ball pan).

One quantity Hershey’s ‘Perfectly Chocolate’ Chocolate Cake recipe, although for the ball pan the cooking time was adjusted to 1 hour 45 minutes.

One quantity chocolate butter cream from BBC Good Food.

Red, black, light green and white sugar paste to decorate, plus a wooden skewer cut in half for the antennae.




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