Hi! I’m Kat and I’m a working mother-of-three and not-so-secret midnight baker. Welcome to Cakes at Midnight!

Why cakes?

I’m a lover of all things sweet, from pretty cupcakes to a comforting slice of apple pie. For me, baking is like alchemy – a little bit of science and a little bit of magic. It’s creative, theraputic and fun, which is why I’ve made it my hobby. I love learning new techniques, trying out new recipes … and eating as much cake as I can, of course!

Why midnight?

Well, I work full-time and I have two wonderful but crazy children and a new baby who keep my hands full whenever they’re awake. So I often have to wait until they’re all snoozing peacefully in their beds before I break out the scales and self-raising flour. I probably should be sleeping too, but night-time is my time – to mix and measure, decorate and invent. I think it’s worth losing a few hours sleep to create something beautiful and delicious which I can share with my friends and family – and with you!

So join me on my midnight baking adventures – follow my blog, like my page on Facebook, follow me on Instagram or Pinterest, or even send me an email at cakesatmidnight.contact@gmail.com – and be inspired to start some adventures of your own!


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