Welsh Cakes and Bara Brith

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I once had the good fortune to live in the beautiful land of Wales for five years. I love the stunning scenery and the Welsh accent, and I have some great memories (and friends!) from that time in my life. So I can’t let the day of their patron saint  – St David – pass without baking some classic Welsh fare: Welsh cakes and bara brith.

Welsh cakes are easy to make – and even easier to eat. Warm, with butter melting on top … I dare anyone to eat just ONE Welsh cake!


Bara brith is a tea bread – and I love tea breads! They smell amazing when they’re baking, and they’re tasty warm or cold.


So have a wonderful day, wherever you are, and kisses to all my Welsh mates!


Make it!

Welsh cake recipes from Delia Smith.

Bara brith recipe from Mary Berry’s Ultimate Cake Book.

Valentine’s Mini Cakes

Valentine's Mini Cakes Blog Cover.png

Happy Valentine’s Day from Cakes at Midnight! Here are a few shots of some mini chocolate cakes I made last year, covered in sugar paste and decorated with hearts and a cute red bow. They’re the perfect size for sharing with that special someone!

Valentine's Mini Cakes.jpg

Make it!

Chocolate sponge cake recipe from Mary Berry’s Ultimate Cake Book.

Chocolate butter cream for filling and crumb coat from BBC Food.

Red and white Oh So Sweet sugar paste from Cakes by Samantha.