Merenda Chocolate Cookies


Like most kids, my girls both have a sweet tooth, but I try not to pump them full of sugar if I can help it. However, when the younger one asked me to make chocolate cookies – she’s two years old and pronounces it “toc-o-late too-tees” – how could I say no?

I decided to try a recipe with chocolate spread (Merenda in Greece where I live, but Nutella in the UK and USA, I believe). I used one from Sally’s Baking Addiction which has the chocolate spread swirled through the cookie dough and it was delicious! The only thing I changed was the chocolate chips. Whenever I make chocolate cookies, I never use ready-made chocolate chips. I prefer to chop up a bar of chocolate – it’s a bit more work, but worth it for chunkier chunks of chocolate!


I didn’t decorate the tops with chocolate chips and salt as the original recipe suggests either – but nobody seemed to mind!


Cookies and milk, anyone?

Merenda Cookies and Milk.jpg

Make it!

Recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction.


Cupid’s Cookie Pops

Cupid's Cookie Pops Blog Cover.png

Hello again! I’m back with some more sweet Valentine’s inspiration for you: Cupid’s Cookie Pops! They’re sugar cookies coated in chocolate, and what’s not to love about that? I made them extra-appetising by decorating half the batch with more chocolate and the other half with sugar strands.


Needless to say, the ones with sugar strands were my kids’ favourites. (They are excellent for bribery, too, by the way – they tidied their room without a fuss and ate spinach risotto just to get at them!)


The other half of the batch look slightly more sophisticated. I gave a few as gifts, bagged and tied with a pink ribbon. Most of the rest are inside me!

Cupid's Cookie Pops Chocolate.jpg

Make it!

I’ve spent many a night tinkering with sugar cookie recipes I found online and I’m pleased to share the results with you! To make these cookies, you’ll need a heart-shaped cookie cutter, a rolling pin, some wooden lollipop sticks and baking trays covered with baking parchment.

Click to download the recipe cupids-cookie-pops-recipe.