Celebration Cakes

I made my first custom cake for my eldest daughter’s fifth birthday. And yes, there’s a story there. … She requested a Spider-Man cake for her party and, needless to say, I had no problem with that. However, the family member who offered (very generously) to buy the cake decided that Spider-Man was not an appropriate choice for a little girl. So the poor kid got stuck with Hello Kitty at her party. Not cool. To make up for that, I made my own cake (for the family – I didn’t rock the boat by replacing Kitty – that would have been most unwise!) Here it is:


Crap, isn’t it? But it was my first adventure with sugar paste, and my daughter was delighted. I think I’ve improved considerably over time, although I’ve still got a lot to learn! You can check out some of my creations below.

Pretty in Pink

This cake has three layers of different-coloured sponge, with a vanilla butter cream filling and crumb coat. The sugar paste bow has a little gum tragacanth mixed in to help it hold its shape. Now that’s one cute cake!

Sweet Sixteen

This is a three-layer chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream filling and sugar paste decorations. Perfect for a teenage girl who doesn’t like pink!

BB-8 Cake

The cutest droid in the galaxy, made from chocolate cake in a 20 cm ball pan. He has a butter cream crumb coat … … and sugar paste decorations.

Spring Birthday

I made this purple springtime cake for a special little lady. As her birthday is in springtime, I decorated it with cute sugar paste bumble bees and ladybirds, as well as some pretty purple and orange flowers.    

Apple iPad Cake

This was a birthday request for a little guy who loves technology and wants to work for Apple when he grows up. I made the iPad out of black cookie dough and the screen and icons with sugar paste. I also made Apple logo party favours for the guests. They’re sugar cookie pops decorated with … Continue reading Apple iPad Cake